Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toast Skagen - swedish classic with a twist

Yesterday I celebrated a lovely friends birthday with a nice 3 course dinner. Here is the starter, a toast skagen. Very easy to make and so yummy. To change it up a bit I added some smoked salmon.

To serve 4, I used about 200 grams of prawns and 100 gram of smoked, chopped salmon.  Basically mix together with 0,5dl of half cream fraiche and a table spoon or so of mayo. It shouldn't be too runny.  Add fresh dill, lemon and pepper to taste. If you like horseradish that is also really nice to add. No salt is needed! Fry up 4 slices of toast in butter and slice in 2 in the middle. Top with the skagenmix and decorate with some lemon and dill or rocket salad.

Enjoy with some chilled white wine and be happy.

Cooking love

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