Saturday, June 9, 2012

Parma surprise

You know that feeling when you know exactlly what you are craving for dinner? Yesterday when I came home I remembered a recipie for a started I had seen at the swedish version of Come Dine with me AGES ago. Anyway. My dear friend Gio who is becoming a healthcoach always tells me that cravings are the bodys way to tell us what we need. So I guess that yesterday I really needed goatcheesefilled parma rolls? Either way, that is what I made :)

It was so easy and still as satisfying as a friday dinner should be. The orginal reciepie is from

Mash togeather 150 g of goatscheese and about 1dl of Cream Fraiche (the half fat on version is more that good enough here) with a fork. Add chives (to taste) and some black pepper. Then get  your parma ham and add a good amount to each slice. Roll togeather.

Now all remaining is a nice salad. Just arrange some mixed baby leafes with some cherry tomatoes and roast some pumkin seeds (important!). Top with those. For the dressing, whisk togeather 05,dl olive oli, 1 tbs spoon honey, 2 tbs balsamic vinager, salt, pepper and about 1/3 of a finely chopped charlotte onion. Drizzle on top.

I served with some chicken to make it a complete meal. And some rose wine ofcourse. Friday bliss!

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