Monday, September 26, 2011


Picture borrowed from Shiny Yoga. Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Such a great post!

Gio I love this post! Yoga yoga yoga!

Picture via Shiny yoga

Just another Zürich sunday...

Oh sundays. All about relaxing, breathing and prepair for the new week. Today I went over to the Enge side (love it!) and then picked up some groceries for the week. Tonight I will try a 90 minutes Vinyasa Flow class at Airyoga. Perfect for a sunday!

My shopping: Coops Taboule salad (great for lunch-boxes!), beet salad, sellery, fresh organic milk, black olives, carrots, avocado, cottage cheese and rocket salad.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn! This makes me crave my own apartment so bad. One of the first things I will get is this lovely sented candle, Lemon Brasil (CHF 45). Heaven.

Crabtree and Evelyn has a nice store in Zürich at Kuttelgasse 1.

Sunday love

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Juice Market

Hangover deluxe after friday aw drinks that ended up way late. How to better cure a hangover than with food and friends. Had the graved salmon with zuccini pancake and sour cream at Juice Market today and dear, its really worth its 30 CHF. Also tried a mango smoothie yummy.

Tomorrow will be a very healthy day! Hiking and yoga! Love, S

Friday, September 23, 2011

A diet for supermodels

Found this great list with Shiny Yoga (my favorite!) and thought I would share it here:

The original article is to be found here ( I love Amandra Kerr!)

Great reading! Happy Friday!

Picture from Zürich 2 weekends ago.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yoga cravings

Have not been to a proper yoga class this week yet and I am craving it. Days are packed and today I will go to an apartment viewing at lunch and get a haircut after work (finally YAY). However, the weekend is comming up and it will be all about relaxing and yoga.

Love, S

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lulu Lemon delivery!

And I couldnt be happier! What is a better motivation than new, nice workout clothes. Delivery from the US took 1 week and was USD 30 (no matter what or how much you order!).

The first of my tops I tried today for a short run (40 minutes by the Zürich lake). Its called spin me and was USD 52. Really nice and even good for running. Good support and nice and long enough. .

Thumbs up to Lulu Lemon there is no other brand that even comes close. I already wanna do a new order including the famous pants!

As you might know their bag is filled with quotes from the Lulu Lemon manifesto - one of them that I love: Your outlook of life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself!

Lulu Love, Sara

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ironically enough this blog was supposted to be about health/work balance. So I am just strating the 3d week of my new job (love it!) and I can not deribe myself in any other way then exhaused. Still ok heathy regarding food and excersise (joined Holmed Place last week YAY) but really struggeling to find the time to be inspirational in the blog. At the moment I am just working on keeping everything floating. Hopefully this will get better once I find my own place and can cook my own food and getting into routines etc. Sleeping is also health - its 9pm and I am going to bed NOW. Body Pump class 7am tomorrow.

Love, S

Picture from last weekends hike in Uetliberg

Magical wedding weekend in France

So much laughter, so much gourmet food and so much love. Thank you E&G for a magical time!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

20 things to love about fall

Yes, fall is approaching and after an amazing summer I absolutely love it. At Heathy Crush a found a list of 20 things to love about fall that you mighy find inspiering:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hiking Uetliberg

On sunday I went hiking and wanted to gie Uetliberg a try since it so close and convenient from the city (30 min to the top from HB). I went from Uetliberg kulm to Sihlbrugge, 5 hours including breaks. First look for directions toward Albispass. Supernice and variated. Please note that the trains to Zürich only leaves from Sihlbrugg once every hour, at .43. Can be hard to plan but worth remembering.

Start: Uetliberg Kulm

End: Sihlbrugg

Duration: approx 5 hours incl breaks

Level: Medium

How to get there: S 12 from Zürich HB to end station.

Swiss hiking oh how I have missed you! So happy to be back!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday but feels like monday

Classical picture that I normally keep in my kitchen. Live your dream and share your passion.

Love it. Wish you all a blissful tuesday

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Happiness Project

The hapiness project by G. Rubin is based on the epiphany she had on a bus one rainy afternoon: Am I as happy as I could be? She decides to spend one year to systematically find out - and launches her very own hapiness project where each month has a special topic like Finding more energy, pursuing a dream or cherish love. I really recommend it!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lemon and avocado butter salad

From the raw chef. Looks devine!


And a 3 day weekend awaits! Heavy headed from x number of glasses of wine with new collegues and amazing friends yesterday, but happy! Sun is shining and I have no plans except for trying to find a cute dress for next weeks wedding in France. Nice problems.

Saw this beautiful roses at Globus Bellvue last week - cant wait to have my own appartment and buy fresh flowers all the time!

Love S

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Morning

Best picture borrowed from Shiny Yoga through Pinterest. Running to work, have a lovely yogich day all of you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazing lake Zurich

Lovely blog

Supercute blog that I just came across. Above, a picture borrowed from there along with a recipie for spelt pancakes.YUM

Hertlish Trend & Art House, Seefeld

Very cute home deco store on Seefeld strasse 14 - <3lish Trend and Art. A perfect mix of pretty signs with messages (like above), candels and soaps etc. Recommended!

Off to work, wish you all a lovely day

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working girl

Oh dear god I am EXHAUSED! Office life is back on - very rewarding and challening but also very draining. I am sorry for the bad updates here - I have nothing healthy to report about except that I tried a new yoga class today at Airyoga - Anusara Yoga. The class was at a slower pace with more focus on precision. Strong poses but not at an intense pace. The instructor was really amazing, Salome, and I recommend her classes to anyone. She was just lovely and very inspiering.

Tomorrow a new day of training awaits, so until then love and namaste

Picture borrowed from Gizmolinas.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Monday

Picture borrowed from Shiny Yoga

New week and new times awaits

Good bye amazing, wonderful, magical summer - now its September and time to get busy - really looking forward to it - now the challenge of balance really begins. Alot of work to combine with alot of yoga and home cooked healthy food. Wish you all a great start of the new week with the note of my Yogi tea: Say it straight, simple, and with a smile.

Love, S

Tibits Seefeld

Might be needless to post this one, Hiltl and Tibits are well know veggie Zürich stars. After 1.5 hours of Asthanga yoga I picked up early dinner from their Seefeldt shop (Seefeltdstrasse 2). Extra plus that they are open on sundays. I gues this photo is not the best since its covered with rocket salad but had among other things the cranberry quinoa, roasted eggplants, guacamole, and most importantly their mushroom lasanga. It deservs a post of its own beyond yummy.

They also have great fresh juices and is my FAVORITE place for take outs. However, as soon as I get my own place, I will get busy cooking! Can't wait - I miss my blender!

Love, Sara

Charity day at Airyoga

Happy Sunday! Today Airyoga hosted a charity event in favor of the organization Tischlein deck Dish. They work to redistrubute food and resources across Swizterland, an admirable mission!

For more info, see

I was planing on taking 2 classes but considering that I am starting my new job tomorrow it felt a bit stressful and overambitious - and as we all know, yoga is not about that. I did the Ashtanga class at 3 pm with a great instructor called Charia. I am quite new to Asthanga but this class got me really motivated to get serious about it. The teacher said that a minimum of 3 times a week is recommended to see the positive benefits of the practice. I decided to give this a fair chance and will try for the month of September - the first series. Does anyone have a good yourtube recommendation for the 1st series? Or a DVD for later?

Every yoga class changes you and makes you grow. You are never the same person when you come into a class as when you walk out. At a yoga convention in Hong Kong I got a promotional T-shirt that said "Do your practice and everything will come to you". Indeed.

Love and namaste

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Success is an inside job by Gabrielle Bernstein

Good Morning!

Started my saturday with a powerwalk on the lake and oatmeal with fresh strawberries and banana for breakfast. And as always, one cup of green tea with fresh ginger followed by a small cup of coffee with milk. Now ready to start the day! Some shopping and apartment viewing on the schedual.

Was browsing my favorite pages and saw that I had missed the latest Vblogg by Gabrielle Bernstein. Really good and thoughtful on success:

Saturday love!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Airyoga Zürich

Today I got the into abo at Airyoga (3 times for 75CHF) and tried my first class at their Oberdorfstrasse 2 location. The class was called Hatha Restorative and was 1.5 hours where the first hour consisted in some fairly easy practise and the last 30 minutes where all about relaxation. The class is being held at 6 pm. Personally I havn't been working this week but I can imagine this is the perfect way to end the workweek. Very relaxing! I really enjoyed the ambiance at the studio, supercozy, but fairly crowded. Looking forward to more classes here!

On sunday they are hosting a charity day at their other location, Fabrikstrasse, more about that later.

Love and namaste

Swiss grocery shopping

I dare to claim that Switzerland has some of the best food and products in the world. The veggies are always of great quality and often grown close by. The dairy products are a chapter of their own - they are just amazing! Having spent 6 month in Hong Kong I appreciate this so so much. All the small things.

Above is the result of my first grocery shopping at Migros in Seefeldt: rolled oats (bu they are NOT good here, I will import from Sweden!), yoghurt, sugar free jam, avocado, lemons, cream cheese, blueberries, white peaches, bananas, mango, ready made green beans, sellery salad (nor very healthy but beyond yummy!), goat cheese, organic orange juice, fresh milk, green olives, spinach, balsamico and cherry tomatoes.

As I am staying in a business flat this month cooking will be a challenge and I will try my best to present fast and non-cooking dinners and snacks here.

Friday love


I am here...

...and its just amazing amazing amazing! Zürich oh how I have missed you!