Monday, June 25, 2012

Pure inspiration

You know those people that are just pure inspiration? Elin is one of my dearest friends that I met when I was working in Hong Kong last year. She is currently studying nutrition in LA and living the life over there, but will spend the summer in Switzerland! I met up with her this weekend and just got so inspired. To stay calm, to live in the moment and to eat even better. Since I love baking and also gourmet cooking and wine, my balance and zen has not been ideal for the last few months - which you might have noticed on the number of baking post on here. I have no intention to stop loving or doing any of that, but I am craving more and better nutrition for my body and some new input. And I sure got it from Elin. This coming week I will be trying some of her ideas and recipes on here. More to follow this week!

Photos are of her and our lovely Saturday lunch at Hiltl.

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