Saturday, June 30, 2012

Words for a lovely saturday


Hiking love today!

Took the train to Wil SG today and ended up with a 4 hour hike. Its 34 degrees here and it was soooo warm. But lovely!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home studies: Alex Berlin

Some home decor inspo for the weekend? This piece on The glitter guide is just amazing. They went to visit Alex Berlin of Things that sparkle. Here home is beautiful!What inspires you for the weekend?

You can read the whole article and see all of the images here:

The BEST chewy chocolate mini cakes in the world!

Ok so I know that I promised a healthy week on the blog. But I just had to share this recipie since I LOVE it and it got so much lovely reviews on our midsummer picnic last week. And no matter how good you eat or how much yoga you are practicing, you still need a good chocloate mini cake recipe to live a happy life, right? :)

The recipe is from one of swedens largest food blogs  Its run by a lovely and always positive girl called Victoria and she is just the queen of tasty baking recipes. When I saw her post on these filled chewy mini chocolate cakes I just knew I had to try the and that they would be beyond yummy. And they where! And they are so good that they just had to be shared. So voila. I used the whole original recipe from Victoria, except for a bit less sugar.

You'll need (to make 15)
2 eggs
2 dl sugar
2 tea spoons of vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt (important)
4 tablespoons of good quality cacao
1.5 dl flour
100 gram melted butter

1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the melted butter and eggs one at a time

2. Fill muffin forms (preferably the foil type) to about half and bake in 200 degrees about 10-11 minutes- they are supposed to still be sticky!

50 grams butter, melted
1 teaspoon flour
2 table spoons of sugar
2 teaspoons of cacao
1/5 dl of milk
1/2 dl of full cream

1. Add flour, sugar and cacao to the melted butter and stir til smooth.
2. Add cream and milk and boil together until it gets slighty thick, about 5-10 minutes. Stir all the time.
Very relaxing :)
3. Let cool off a bit and then pour a small amount to the middle of each cake. Its only supposed to be covering the middle.
4. Let the cakes cool of in the fridge or freezer.

I promise, these are like little JEWELS to bring to an event or just to have in the freezer for unexpected visits. Try these on the weekend and thank you again Victoria for sharing the recipe!

Baking Love

Friday Im in love


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post-yoga tabbouleh

Do you also crave vegetarian food after yoga? In march when I had a monthly pass at Sanapura and practiced every other day I just wanted to eat lentil soup for dinner every day after my class. Yoga increases the connection to your own body so stongly, maybe that is why? Anyway. I did a 90 minutes Hatha class at Airyoga in Bellvue on tuesday (tips! that class at 5pm on tuesdays is only 20 CHF for 90 minutes as oppose to 40 normally) and afterwards I wanted...vegetarian. So said and done.

I decided to cook a version of tabbouleh. I am not sure whats exactlly in the original recipe but this is how I did - it litter

You'll need (for 2)
Couscous (or other grain of choice like quinoa or bulgur)
2 tomatoes
1/2 cucumber
1 handful (atleast) of fresh herbs ( I used basil and persil that I grow on my balcony)
Fresh lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Prepare your grains according to the package. I always have some kind of grains prepared in my fridge, its really handy and also better from a health perspective since the starch changes when carbohydrates are cooling off and the GI index gets lower. So better for you! Good to know with for ex. potatoes too.

2. Chop up your veggies and herbs. Toss with couscous.

3. Drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy! I served with homemade avocado cream and hummus. It was  post-yoga perfection!

Stress less


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homemade hummus

As promised, I will cook and eat a bit more nutritious dishes this week. This hummus is 100% homemade and good for you since you can decide exactly how much oil etc you want to add.
You can basically flavour it any way you want. This version is without garlic which normally is a classic ingredient, but you can play with it as you want - you are the one that is going to enjoy it!
Thank you Elin for the inspo <3

You'll need:
About 4 dl of chickpeas, ready to use (meaning boiled)
1-2 table spoons of olive oil
A handful of sesam seads
A few drops of seasam oil
Lemon juice to taste
Fresh herbs of choice (I picked lemon thyme that I am growing on my balcony)
salt and pepper to taste.

Mix together and add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with fresh broccoli, fibre crackers, to a vegetarian meal or anyway you like it.

Happy middle of the week


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hiking love!

Last week I had another wonderful friend visiting -and we went hiking! Last time me and <3 drove to Milano, we passed through Schwyz and all I could think about was that I wanted to go hiking there. Breathtaking views!

Therefor, I searched for hikes through Pfaffikon SZ since that was the only place I knew about there.
The one we decided on you can see here on - a part of the Jacobsweg, route nr 4.

If you walk from Pfaffikon to Einsiedeln its more up and the other way around. Decided. We started in Einsiedeln. Very easy to get to, around 30 minutes from Zurich. In total we hiked for around 4 hours and especially the first part was BEAUTIFUL. Recommended.

Picture of ME at one of the lakes on the way!

Hiking Love

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pure inspiration

You know those people that are just pure inspiration? Elin is one of my dearest friends that I met when I was working in Hong Kong last year. She is currently studying nutrition in LA and living the life over there, but will spend the summer in Switzerland! I met up with her this weekend and just got so inspired. To stay calm, to live in the moment and to eat even better. Since I love baking and also gourmet cooking and wine, my balance and zen has not been ideal for the last few months - which you might have noticed on the number of baking post on here. I have no intention to stop loving or doing any of that, but I am craving more and better nutrition for my body and some new input. And I sure got it from Elin. This coming week I will be trying some of her ideas and recipes on here. More to follow this week!

Photos are of her and our lovely Saturday lunch at Hiltl.

Pick me up - Healthy Chocolate Shake

My favorite place to visit when I go to Stockholm is Blueberry (  - a chain of health stores and smoothie bars that never makes you disappointed and always leaves you inspired. They have a smoothie called Pick me up that is filled with raw chocolate and coffee. I haven't been there for years, and still this shake came into my mind when craving a post-workout (Body shape at Holmes place) snack today. This is my attempt to recreate it:

You'll need:
1 frozen banana
2 dl milk product of your choice (almond, rice, normal what ever works for you)
1 table spoon of high quality cacao powder
1 table spoon of raw cacao nibs if you want
A large splash of coffee if you want

Mix together and enjoy! If  you need more sweetness, some good quality honey will do the trick. This really lives up to its name - Pick me up! So much good and instant energy for a creative afternoon.

Smoothie Love

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

The best summer drink

My balcony is really a source of happiness for me. Breakfast, computer work, writing, lunch, teas, reading and dinners - most of my activities are out here at the moment. I will post something separate on what I am growing out here later. Its also perfect for drink with a friend. Here are some wine spritzers (half chilled rose wine, light pink or white), half bubbly water. Add ice cubes and a few thin slices of lemon. Perfect for the summer!

Here served with some grissini, parma ham, radishes and sliced Gruyere cheese. Bliss.

Maybe something for the weekend. Its friday!

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toast Skagen - swedish classic with a twist

Yesterday I celebrated a lovely friends birthday with a nice 3 course dinner. Here is the starter, a toast skagen. Very easy to make and so yummy. To change it up a bit I added some smoked salmon.

To serve 4, I used about 200 grams of prawns and 100 gram of smoked, chopped salmon.  Basically mix together with 0,5dl of half cream fraiche and a table spoon or so of mayo. It shouldn't be too runny.  Add fresh dill, lemon and pepper to taste. If you like horseradish that is also really nice to add. No salt is needed! Fry up 4 slices of toast in butter and slice in 2 in the middle. Top with the skagenmix and decorate with some lemon and dill or rocket salad.

Enjoy with some chilled white wine and be happy.

Cooking love

Sunday love

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I found this nice proverb on
Its been pure summer bliss weather in Zürich today. What have you all been doing? I took the first swim of the year and also had the first Banana Split. Happiness! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A better breakfast

This was my second breakfast after my pumpclass today. Many swedish crispbreads with cottage cheese (protein) and summery cucumber and tomatoes sprinkled with some sea salt. Green tea. And  a home made juice! 2 apples and one lime went into the juicer. Its that glass on the left :) The rest of the juicing I put in some healthy homemade vegan oat cookies. A post on that later.

Friday love

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evening bliss

Healthy-ish fish stew

Fish soup or stew is one of my favorite things to eat. Normally filled with lovely ingredients like white wine, full cream, fresh fish and veggies. Yesterday was a Tuesday and the luxury had to be somewhat moderated. I was inspired by an Swedish cookbook I got for Christmas years ago "Sinnernas Mat" - that could be translated as "Food for the senses". The introduction text for this dish was : Do you want to feel healthiest -eat more fish. Simple, to the point, and most likely true. Either way, to the making, for 2 hungry people:

Marinate about 150-200 gram of fresh fish fillet per person in the zest and juice of one lime and a hand full each of chopped dill and chives. And some salt. Let it sit for at least an hour. Here you can chose to either use the whole filets or chop up to fish soup pieces. 

Get ready to start cooking! In some olive oil, lightly fry 150 g of fresh champignons(cut in half) and one finely chopped zucchini. Salt and pepper to taste. Take of the heat while still crunchy.

Chop up one charlotte onion and one clove of garlic. And one red pepper, in thin slices.  Gently fry in olive oil on low temp until nice and soft. Then add your dairy products. As always, you can use almost any you like here. I used 1 dl of  cream fraiche and 1 dl of half cream. Add a nice fish stock to taste. And some extra chives if you are in the mood. Gently boil under lid for about 4-5 min.

Add your fish, your zucchini and mushrooms and gently heat for a few minutes til fish is ready. Top off with more dill and some prawns if you want.

Enjoy with some fresh bread (my <3 did) or some steamed Quinoa (I did). And maybe a glass of wine. The lime in the stew gives a nice acid so really, no wine is needed to add to the recipe.

Enjoy! Cooking makes me so happy!

“The kitchen is my favorite space to play. It’s small but works great for culinary adventures. Many messes and memories have been made here.”

Do you know of The Glitter Guide? It is an amazing online zone for girly inspo. I just read this Style at Home Piece on Kate Arends, founder of the beautiful blog .  She gave this great quote on the kitchen, that I loved so much that I decided to use it as a headline. Speaking of cooking, I will post yesterdays dinner.

You can read and see all nice images here:

Beautiful words

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Monday, June 11, 2012


Dear readers. I have been in love with blogs ever since the first time I ever read one. Probably around seven or eight years ago. The form, the fact that anyone has a voice and can create and publish for free. And share it with the world. I must have read more than a million blog posts since then. And written more than a thousand in more than ten different blogs.

In Zurich Zen I am trying to share beautiful and inspirational content with a clear health and happiness focus. Parts of my Zurich life. Reflections. What I cook. How I bake. My home. Gardening. My yoga practice. And all the small things that makes me happy.

I am not sure if there is a proper introduction in this blog but here is a short one: Sara, 29 going on 30 and 13 all at the same time. Lover of yoga, zen living, green smoothies and hiking the swiss alpes. And of champagne, pink peonies and all things beautiful or french.

With Love

Red and green juice

And my blue hortensia. This is my first very freestyled green juice. I am already in love with the juicer! In this one I put 2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 apricot, half a lemon, 1 orange, a small piece of ginger and 3 strawberries ( they made all the difference!).

Welcome to the house -juicer!

Braun J500 welcome to my home!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Its the little things...

...that makes life big. Saturday love!


Parma surprise

You know that feeling when you know exactlly what you are craving for dinner? Yesterday when I came home I remembered a recipie for a started I had seen at the swedish version of Come Dine with me AGES ago. Anyway. My dear friend Gio who is becoming a healthcoach always tells me that cravings are the bodys way to tell us what we need. So I guess that yesterday I really needed goatcheesefilled parma rolls? Either way, that is what I made :)

It was so easy and still as satisfying as a friday dinner should be. The orginal reciepie is from

Mash togeather 150 g of goatscheese and about 1dl of Cream Fraiche (the half fat on version is more that good enough here) with a fork. Add chives (to taste) and some black pepper. Then get  your parma ham and add a good amount to each slice. Roll togeather.

Now all remaining is a nice salad. Just arrange some mixed baby leafes with some cherry tomatoes and roast some pumkin seeds (important!). Top with those. For the dressing, whisk togeather 05,dl olive oli, 1 tbs spoon honey, 2 tbs balsamic vinager, salt, pepper and about 1/3 of a finely chopped charlotte onion. Drizzle on top.

I served with some chicken to make it a complete meal. And some rose wine ofcourse. Friday bliss!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lime chicken

One of my favorite recipies! And so simple. To make this use 100-150 g of sliced happy chicken per person. Start by frying that in some olive oil with some garlic - not a lot just enough for a nice lovely smell and taste. Add 2 dl of dairy product of choice (i used 1 dl full fat cream and 1 1dl milk, but you can go for anything from halbram to cream fraiche - as long as its possible to heat up), 1 table spoon of japneese soy, 1/2 table spoon of honey, the zest and juice of 1/2-1 lime (carefully washed), some pepper and stock of choice (chicken or veggie would be good). Whisk togeather and taste - add anything thats missng.

I served this with roasted sweetpotatoes (1 hour on 200 degrees drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper), quinoa boiled in some veggie stock, and steamed green beans.

Happy cooking and happy eating!