Sunday, September 8, 2013


Restaurant La Salle in Hardbrucke in Zurich is my and <3's favorite and we have clearly decided to save the visits there: its only for special occasions. Like anniversaries.

They have a starter that I just have to order each time Im there: Scallops with avocado and mango.
Pure perfection. When its still too long to the next visit, I have tried to recreate it at home, which actually was not too far off from the yummy original.

For 2 you can use:

8 scallops
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

1 avocado
1 mango
Some green leafs
1 lime

Simply sear the scallops 1-2 minutes per side (that's actually the only part that actually is not super simple as they need to be perfect).

Finely chop avocado and mango and blend together with some sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste. Add a splash of lime, and if you are in the mood, some fresh red chili and/or cilantro.

Split over 2 nice plates (this is my Mateus beauty I got for my 30th birthday) and top with the scallops and a drizzle of creme de balsamico.

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