Monday, July 9, 2012

4 lake hike

On saturday me and Elin put the alarm on 7 am in order to get up early for hikng! I was already in Luzern then, so from Zurich you need to leave a bit earlier even, but I promise its worth it! We took the train 08.08 from Luzern main station to go to Sarnen and then bus to Stockalp and the gondola to Melchsee Frutt. It took 1.38 from Luzern, but then we were up on the top! Ready to start! And it was 9.30 on a Saturday morning. Just amazing. 

From here you just follow the signs to Engelberg which is your final destination. Oh I cant even begin to tell you how blissful this hike is! Besides that you get to see not less than 4 mountain lakes as the name reveals, you get such a mix scenery, you get to walk a bit uphill (not steep and only for an hour), down hill (more steep and def. more than an hour), see cows, great variety of flowers and we even saw snow. Now the temperature difference is quite big on the top and when you start so make sure you bring a wind jacket or similar (thanks Elin) to keep warm. Since this is such a famous hike there are also plenty of stops to get water, use the bathroom and buy snacks. 

In the end it took almost 7 hours for us since we did a small detour and on the way back you are def.  quite drained of energy. But in the most amazing way. 

The trains back to Luzern departs every hour at 00. and 25 past. 

This is really the perfect perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday if you ask me. 

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