Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sara's Bakery - Torta della Nona

This is an italian almond and ricotta cheese cake that orginally comes from Leila - my all time favorite when it comes to baking. Its perfect before for ex. going out dancing (which I did after) since it has a low flour content (compensated by cream cheese and eggs). Its a classic Italian cake and very simple to make.

Whisk 150 grams of organic butter and 300 gram almond paste creamy. Add a total of 6 free range eggs, one at the time. Add 250 grams of Ricotta cheese, the zest of one well washed orange and one lemon and one grated "bitter almond" ( I actually could not find it in the swiss stores so had to use the flavour essance - big minus!). Finally add 1/2 dl of flour. Just gently stir everything togeather - never whisk a cake batter since it makes the cake less fluffy.

Then everything goes in a cake form. Sprinkle with pine nuts and bake in 175 degrees for around 30 minutes. Try with a tooth picker, it is not supposed to be sticky.

Before serving, sprinkle with powder sugar. Serve with rasberries and some lightly whipped cream (the halbrahm, 25% fat is peeerfect).

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