Friday, September 2, 2011

Swiss grocery shopping

I dare to claim that Switzerland has some of the best food and products in the world. The veggies are always of great quality and often grown close by. The dairy products are a chapter of their own - they are just amazing! Having spent 6 month in Hong Kong I appreciate this so so much. All the small things.

Above is the result of my first grocery shopping at Migros in Seefeldt: rolled oats (bu they are NOT good here, I will import from Sweden!), yoghurt, sugar free jam, avocado, lemons, cream cheese, blueberries, white peaches, bananas, mango, ready made green beans, sellery salad (nor very healthy but beyond yummy!), goat cheese, organic orange juice, fresh milk, green olives, spinach, balsamico and cherry tomatoes.

As I am staying in a business flat this month cooking will be a challenge and I will try my best to present fast and non-cooking dinners and snacks here.

Friday love


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