Friday, September 2, 2011

Airyoga Zürich

Today I got the into abo at Airyoga (3 times for 75CHF) and tried my first class at their Oberdorfstrasse 2 location. The class was called Hatha Restorative and was 1.5 hours where the first hour consisted in some fairly easy practise and the last 30 minutes where all about relaxation. The class is being held at 6 pm. Personally I havn't been working this week but I can imagine this is the perfect way to end the workweek. Very relaxing! I really enjoyed the ambiance at the studio, supercozy, but fairly crowded. Looking forward to more classes here!

On sunday they are hosting a charity day at their other location, Fabrikstrasse, more about that later.

Love and namaste

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