Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yoga is about the love you hold for yourself

I absolutely this quote that is freely translated from yoga instructor Karin Björkgren Jones (for all you swedish speakers, you can find here her: I read this headline and was fashionated on how simple yet brilliant it is.

I am just reading thorugh her blog and finding so many wonderful and thoughtful discussions.

Today I am doing a classical Hatha yoga lunch class, my second class for the week. Dont you find it amazing that yoga is so forgiving and even if you take a long break, it encourages you to quickly come back into it as soon as you get started again? For me that is really the evidence that yoga loves you as much as you love it. Its understanding, loving and never judgemental. Yoga and love are so closely connected to me.

Yoga Love


Picture: Me trying to yoga and photograph at the same time at home.

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