Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts on 2012

New years and new beginnings. This time of year is so special. Filled with expectations, promises, hopes & dreams.

One of my dearest friends Elin once told me "Your only job is to feel as good as you can everyday". I will try to live by this new year. When you feel good you are attracting good and when you try to feel as good as you can everyday you are also seizing the day and living more mindfully.

Never forgett that life is happening here and now and no matter how much money or power you have you can never get a single day from the past back. Live now now now, laugh, love, forgive, be crazy and carpe diem every single day this new year. There are 363 of them still left - make sure that you make them memorabe and feel as good as you can on every single one of them.

Love, happiness and health

Picture: Me this very special new years eve in Zürich


  1. "Your only job is to feel as good as you can everyday". I love this! It says to me that we can feel different each day too.. that we don't always have to feel amazing, just as best we can on each day.. at each moment. beautiful post :)

  2. Thank you so much Stella <3 I agree. I think it is important to remember to just do the best we can sometimes. Listen inwards as always.

    If you made an effort to feel as good as you can all days off 2012, I think we will sum it up as a quite happy year in the end.

    Thank you for commenting, I am a huge fan of your work!