Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great breakfasts

So I am back from a just amazing birthday weekend in Berlin with my family. Lovely! However not very zen. Time to get back on track. Starting already at breakfast time. I looove green smoothies and think they are an amazing way to add more greens to your diet. However, since I am normally very hungry in the mornings, I tend not to have them for breakfast. Instead, in true swedish spirit, I always start the day with some oatmeal, ecological yoghurt, fresh berries if avaliable and some nuts or seeds (in this case pumpkin seeds, great for you since they contain so much zink). And a large cup of green tea. Yummy.

But back to the green smoothies. Regardless if you have them for breakfast, snack or a light dinner, they are so good for you. The video clip below is a great introduction on green smoothies and juices by 2 of my favorites Tara Stiles and Kris Carr (writer of the Crazy Sexy Diet):

Monday Love

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